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Following is information on the next event we will be hosting, in Burlington Ontario:

Canadian ToyCon & Mego North will feature a return engagement of BOTH the Vintage Arcade and Cosplay Cafe which made their first-ever appearances at GTA Comic Con 2014.  Don’t miss this chance to visit and PLAY the largest collection of classic video games ever seen at a convention in Southern Ontario – and if cosplay is your thing, you will definitely want to check out our exclusive all-cosplay area of the show!


We were very excited to host the following guests and artists at the first ever GTA Comic Con!  Stay tuned for updates and information on the next instalment of GTA Comic Con.

Master Cosplayer, Vickybunnyangel

Vickybunnyangel is a Master level cosplayer and has won numerous awards for her costume creations across Canada and the US. Her cosplays have been bringing characters to life from anime/comics/games for 10 years. She was the first Canadian to be showcased in Cosplay Gen magazine, and she has been featured in numerous magazines, websites, radio shows, and vlogs. You will commonly find her in what she calls “Cosplay HQ” (her cosplay workspace) working away at her next eye popping project, or online playing games during her spare time.

She is excited to attend GTA Comic Con. Be sure to stop by her booth to say hi and get a signed print.

Check out her work on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vickybunnyangel
Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vickybunnyangel

Animation Artist, Kurt Lehner

Kurt Lehner is a Canadian Illustrator & Animation Artist.  He was born in Toronto, Ontario, & ever since his childhood, has had an absolute passion for Comic Book & Fantasy Art.  A graduate from the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto, his career started in Advertising.  Working for such companies as TDF, ADS & J. Walter Thompson, he soon found his path into the Animation Industry.

Through his talents, he has worked on projects for such companies as Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Marvel, Dreamworks, Nelvana Studios & many more.  Many famous Movies & T.V. shows, display Kurt’s extensive talents as a Senior Character Designer & Development Artist.

Comic Artist, Richard Comely

Richard Comely is the creator of Captain Canuck, which became the first and only Canadian published super hero comic book distributed throughout the United States. Like most independent comics, Captain Canuck has built a strong cult following among comic book collectors across North America.

To millions of comic book fans Canuck became regarded as “Canada’s own superhero”.  To date, more than 2.3 million comics featuring Captain Canuck have been printed.

Freelance Illustrator, Keith Grachow

Keith is a local artist who has frequented many of the Comic Cons throughout Ontario.  He has worked as an artist on Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and The Princess and the Frog as well as for Play Along Toys (a subsidiary of Jakks Pacific).  He has also worked for comic book publishers in Canada and the US.

Keith just released a children’s book adventure series and is currently working on the second book.  He has a comic book coming out in March 2014, and is best known for his monster prints and commissions.  In his spare time, Keith interviews Canadian creators for Sequential, a website dedicated to the Canadian sequential arts.

Cartoonist, Ron Kasman

Ron has written and drawn stories for Image Comics and many other publishers. Many of the stories have been about comic book fans like him. His reoccurring stories featuring his character Kalabogie Jake are cautionary tales about what fanaticism can do to a person.

Though virtually unknown outside of educational circles, his comic strip Bruce Barnaby, Master Pedagogue, the story of a useless and arrogant school teacher, won a province wide award for educational journalism, the Amie Award.

Ron contributed to two characters that appeared on Canadian Postage Stamps. He pencilled Captain Canuck as a daily comic strip, and also inked and lettered the comic book.

Comic Creator & Illustrator, Alfonso Espinos (Studiocomix Press)

Canadian comic book creator and illustrator, Alfonso Espinos, funds Studiocomix Press where he has become the project’s chief editor.  He publishes The Night Spike, an ongoing series featuring two super heroes with really bad luck.  Alfonso has also provided lectures regarding comic book story & development for universities like UCI, UAM and CNEPT.

One of his personal achievements was to win the “Cobachaward” for Character of the year in 2008, and for 2010 he was invited to participate in the creation of the Stan Lee Foundation Logo.

Be sure to pick up your very own copy of The Night Spike #3 Limited Edition Variant Cover at the Studiocomix Press booth!!!

Comic Writer & Artist, Shane Kirshenblatt

Shane Kirshenblatt is a comic book writer, artist, freelance illustrator and painter who has done extensive work on Jack Lake Productions’ Classics Illustrated and Classics Junior Illustrated books. He is also the creator, writer and illustrator of the internationally published Dorothy Gale: Journey to Oz (Jack Lake Productions/ Freefall Entertainment) series and has contributed his artistic talents to the Grave Conditions horror anthology (Haunted Computer Books), illustrating the lead story Burying Betsy (written by Brian Keene).

In support of many notable causes, Shane has utilized his abilities to raise funds (through special edition prints and commission sales) and awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, to name a few.

Freelance Artist, Mike Rooth

Oakville’s Mike Rooth is a Freelance Art Mercenary specializing in the mythic, monstrous, masked and mighty.  Illustrator of book covers, short stories, educational graphic novels, Rooth has created pinups for both indy creators and mainstream comic publishers alike (IDW’s Kill Shakespeare, Dark Horse Comics’ SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN), he has also worked on official licensed sketch card sets for Marvel, DC, and The Walking Dead properties.

Horror Film Actor, Monstermatt Patterson

Monstermatt is an actor, author, comic book creator, mask maker, painter, sculptor, voice over talent, entertainer and more. Hailing from WesternNewYork, he is part of various horror podcast shows, including 6FootPlus, Sreamwave, Monster Resort Island and more. Monstermatt writes for several websites, such as Horrornews.net, Horrorsociety.com, Killeraphrodite.com, Gravediggerslocal.com, and he is a current member of the Horror Writers Association.

He is known for his humor, being dubbed “The Man of a Thousand Bad Monster Jokes” by his fans.  6 Foot Plus, which features The Monstermatt Minute, was nominated for a Rondo Award in 2011 for Best Podcast.  Matt was also a nominee in 2009′s Artvoice Best of Buffalo for Best Sculptor. When buying a piece from Matt, you’re getting an original, because you are an original monster.

Freelance Artist, RB White

RB is a freelance artist who has worked for publishing and animation companies for many many years.  His clients range from local publishers to major studios on 5 continents.  RB has worked on projects for Universal studios, Hasbro, Nickelodeon, Scholastic, Yowza Animation and Nelvana.

He has published work in magazines such as Imagine FX, Fantasy Artist magazine, and in Ballistic publishing books – Expose 10 and Exotique 7.  Also you can see some of his work published in Zenescope Ent. comic books.  With Brandstudio press in 2012, he published the book “Art of RB White“.

Cartoonist, Dyl Klöepfer (Loonie Bin Comics)

Dyl is a cartoonist from a small town in Canada who has been drawing since he could pick up a pencil and reading comics since…well…before he could read.

Loonie Bin Comics are his strange comic creations featuring zombies, beards and all that other good stuff. With titles like “Russian Zombie Hat”, “Suburban Nightmare” and “Bikinis and Beards”, you just know it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Be sure to check out Dyl’s work at the show – he will have a booth in Artist’s Alley.

Comic Writer, Anthony Ruttgaizer

Anthony Ruttgaizer is the writer of the upcoming series THE F1RST HERO (debuting from Action Lab Entertainment in July 2014).  He is also known to many as a professional wrestler and occasional podcaster.

Website: www.ruttgaizer.com

Our flagship sponsor for the event is Gotham Central Comics & Collectibles. We are honored to be working with them, and definitely encourage you to visit their booth at the show!

Artist, Writer & Cosplayer, That Joker Guy (etsy.com/shop/sinj)

That Joker Guy is one of the few artists you’ll find cosplaying in Artist Alley. Known for Joker fanart but with a portfolio full of various subjects, TJG has a wide range of prints, original artwork and ACEOs available and is open for commissions at GTA Comic Con.

His alter ego, Chris “Sinj” Burke, has worked on Miller & Mullet in Space 2Anything Ghost, and, with his wife Erin and hetero life mate Moe, published the indie comic/zine hybrid Comic Sins 1 and Comic Sins 2: An Invitation to War. Chris also does graphic design work for bands, entertainers and other cosplayers; his clients include Make ‘Em Laugh Films and The Reverend Radio. He has music available on Bandcamp as frontman of the industrial Project 11 and also as Mr. Sintime, a character from Comic Sins who didn’t let being fictional stop him from recording an album.

Artist & Writer, Erin a.k.a. OvaryAction (etsy.com/shop/ovaryaction)

Erin is an experienced graphic/web designer, but she really likes drawing speechless girls with no arms or mouth. She has both prints of digitally coloured work as well as watercolor originals and ACEOs available. She currently works in the publishing industry, and during her career she’s been lucky enough to create marketing materials for authors such as Kelley Armstrong, Dave Gibbons, Peter Mansbridge and Dr. Seuss.

Exhibiting with That Joker Guy, she also sometimes creates jewelry using his art and her own. She is currently frantically working on half a dozen fiction projects, has scripted a one-issue comic about global warming, and brakes for animals and the occasional leaf.

Comic Artists, Spent Pencils

Spent Pencils has been around since 2007. It was founded by Arnold Trinidad. Originally meant to just house a small circle of close artistic friends, Spent Pencils opened the door to other artists looking for a home, beginning with Vince Sunico who has been an integral part of it’s growth.

Spent Pencils houses a collective group of illustrators, each with their own distinct style. With the diverse style under one roof, they can now benefit by learning from one another and grow to becoming a better and humble artists.

Spent Pencils proudest achievements are their charity work, under the brand of Sketches for Pledges and inspiring other individuals to work together and share knowledge within the artistic community.

Started just over a year ago with nothing more but an aspiring journalist and a photographer with a lot of dreams, Geek Chic Elite was born. Now with multiple writers, we cover everything from cosplay and conventions to news, reviews and video games.

We want to be your one-stop website where you can get your geeky fill on all of your interests all at once. You can read opinion and interest pieces from our writers and discover new shows, films and games to share with friends and family. You’ll get the most recent news through our Twitter and Facebook feeds and you can discuss everything from your favorite television shows to comic books and beyond with fellow fans and our writing staff.

We’ll have a table at GTA Comic Con where you can get some photos of your cosplay taken for the site by our professional photographer, pick up some awesome items to support us or just come by to chat! We’ll see you there.

Cosplay Artists, Geek x Girls (facebook.com/geekxgirls)

We’re Geek Girls who are sexy, funny, clever & in costume. We are a group of girls across North America (although we spend most of our time in Middle Earth, Hyrule, Endor, Wonderland, Tamriel, etc.) who are geeky and artistic in our own unique ways. If you want to know more about us you can view our profiles here www.geekxgirls.com/geeks.php. We love sharing our fandom and passion for video games, sci-fi, comics and all things geek. Our site mainly focuses on cosplay meeting professional photography but has lots of articles and other goodies!

To us cosplay means showing our appreciation for the characters we love either through artistic interpretation, rule 63, fan service, crossplay or exact replica. We don’t believe there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to cosplay or that people should be restricted by gender, size, shape or colour when portraying the characters they love.

GG that will be in attendance at GTA Comic Con are: Roxy Lee GG, Player Two, Gillykins, Jenn Marvel, Northern Belle Cosplay, as well as Gina G. and Red Ribbon Cosplay.

Comic Studio, Trickshot Press (facebook.com/Trickshotpress)

Trickshot Press is a small group of independent artists/developers with industry experience, focused on creating original intellectual properties as well as handling client work as a team.

Tony Kwan is a Toronto based artist, Specializing in illustration, 3D modeling for game design and motion capture performance/stuntwork. Also co-founder/artist at Heroism Inc., and member of the Spent Pencils art team.

Tony Kwan’s Art page: www.facebook.com/SkillzLessOne

Jon Lam is an Illustrator based in Toronto. Some of his clients include Rune Entertainment, Artistic Justice, Steam Films, Unplugged Expo 2, The Canadian Alternative Arts Collective (exhibiting a piece at NIX 15) Betterdays.tv, Jim Woo’s The Comic Machine, Zenescope, Royal McGraw, Moosehead and Com.X

Jon Lam’s art page: www.facebook.com/JonLamArt